New Product!

We have a new product in stock. Gel SEAL is a superabsorbing agent, which is able to lower fluid losses to permable formations. Ask for detailed informations and prices!

get your cuttings dry! Thick up your disposal fluids!

We have now GEL SOIL in our product range, a product to modify your solid control underflow, cutting discharge or left over fluid for disposal. Easy to use, effective results. Save costs and avoid dispose off your liquid mud and cuttings. Successful field tests have shown the effectivity. Ask for detailed informations and prices!

Gel Plex system introduced !

New product line for gravel / loose sand crossing available. Gel Plex system is a high viscose and extreme shear thinning drilling fluid. Prepared with Prime Gell bentonite is a very stabilising and easy to pump fluid system available. Due to its very low plastic viscosity is the downhole pressure kept low and handling on recycling units no problem.

Ask for detailed informations and prices!

 Product lines:

Horizontal directional drilling     Propulsion and vertical drilling