GEL Check

produktbild-checkGEL Check is a organic Polymer for water based muds. It is a fluid loss additive for freshor salt water systems.

GEL Check is cost effective and applicable to all types of drilling and construction applications. It is not subject to bacterial degradation and performs well in all alkaline pH-ranges.

GEL Check is temperature stabile up to 120°C without degration.

GEL Check is a shale stabilizing polymer which helps to create a thin filtercake between borehole and formation. Reducing the fluidloss to the formation stabilises the borehole and a thin and smooth filtercake can lower the torque and drag.

GEL Check has a low viscosity and does not effect the rheological properties of the mud. Useful in sandy formations with groundwater present ,a stable filtercake is necessary for controlling the water/bentonite ratio.

Detailed infos (PDF-Files).